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Discover the Best Black-Owned Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

Nothing beats the feeling of a hot summer day and a cool, creamy ice cream cone to go with it. Summer in L.A. is no exception. With so many amazing spots to snag some delicious sweet treats, it can be hard to narrow down your choices for where to get your favorite icy dessert. That’s why we're here! We've compiled a list of the Black-owned ice cream shops you MUST visit to satisfy your ice cream cravings.

All Chill Ice Cream

Located in the historical Leimert Park neighborhood, All Chill Ice Cream is a hip-hop-inspired shop that embraces culture, community, and cream. Their enticing menu is filled with innovative flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. From classic favorites to inventive creations, All Chill is a must-visit destination for ice cream enthusiasts.

Address: 3415 W 43rd Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90008.

(323) 201-7072

Slush N Roll Creamery

Slush N Roll Creamery brings a unique twist to the ice cream experience by serving rolled ice cream and unconventional slushies. Located in Hawthorne, this black-owned establishment is a perfect spot to enjoy refreshing frozen treats with a twist.

Address: 12742 Crenshaw Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250

(323) 523-1847

Happy Ice

Indulge in an ultra-premium water ice product at Happy Ice. Combining a secret recipe from Philadelphia with an artistic LA twist, Happy Ice offers a delightful blend of ice cream, sorbet, and shaved ice. Experience the smooth, rich, and fruity flavors that make Happy Ice a true delight.

Address: 7324 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

(855) 934-2779

Just Luv Creamery

At Just Luv Creamery, you'll find nostalgic specialty ice cream that aims to make everything better with love. This black-owned creamery is known for its unique flavors and dedication to creating memorable experiences. Explore their menu and savor the love in every scoop.

(323) 577-8981

Ken's Ice Cream Parlor

Ken's Ice Cream Parlor is a family-run establishment that takes pride in serving old-fashioned ice cream and shakes. Located in Carson, their menu features a variety of classic flavors that will transport you back to simpler times. Bring your family and enjoy the nostalgic charm of Ken's Ice Cream Parlor.

Address: 18511 S Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746.

(310) 324-7704.

Jamz Creamery

At Jamz Creamery, you'll taste the difference of real ice cream. Known for their high-quality product, every bite will leave you wanting more. With a focus on providing an exceptional ice cream experience, Jamz Creamery offers flavors that are music to your mouth.

Address: 231 E Manchester Blvd #1717, Inglewood, CA 90301.

(424) 351-8217

From the family-run business to the bustling, modern creamery, our list of ice cream shops has something for everyone! From the classic flavors of scoops and sundaes to sorbet and shaved ice, you can find your favorite treat near you. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these local gems and that our list helps you find your go-to spot for a fix of ice cream! Are we missing any ice cream shops? If so, let us know in the comments so that we can add them to our growing list! Be sure to share this post with all of your friends who are looking for an assortment of delicious experiences. Enjoy your summer days with some cool treats!

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