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Our aim is to foster economic growth and development for Black Owned Businesses in Los Angeles County through the creation of a platform that enhances their visibility, recognition, and engagement. Our objective is to transform diversity, equity, and inclusion from mere buzzwords and conceptual frameworks into tangible realities by amplifying businesses owned by historically marginalized individuals.

Food and Drink
Candace Wanzo the Founder of The Melanindex

The MelanIndex was founded by Candàce Wanzo, a Los Angeles County native and business owner. What began as a search for Black owned businesses in the event industry, very quickly evolved into a desire to create a directory that would encompass Black businesses across all industries. The intent was to create not just a comprehensive directory that was easy to navigate, but one that would also be inclusive of categories and businesses that may have been previously overlooked. Her hope is that with this directory, "we can all be a little more intentional with where we spend our dollars." 

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