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Celebrating the First Week of Black Business Month with The Melanindex (Recap)

In August, we have the pleasure of celebrating the first week of Black Business Month by shining a spotlight on some remarkable Black-owned businesses. These businesses have been making significant strides in their respective industries, and their contributions to the community are truly worth recognizing and supporting. Here is a recap of Week 1:

A New Wave Aquatics (Website, Instagram): The week began with a splash as we dived into the world of aquatic fitness and swim instruction with A New Wave Aquatics. This Black-owned business has been making waves in L.A. County by providing top-notch swim lessons and aquatic fitness classes to people of all ages. Their commitment to water safety and promoting a healthy lifestyle through swimming is truly commendable.

Barsha (Website, Instagram): We savored the delights at Barsha, a Black-owned wine bar and restaurant that has become a local favorite in L.A. County. With a carefully curated selection of wines from around the world and delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes, Barsha offers a delightful dining experience that tantalizes the taste buds and delights the senses.

Sweet Cawenzo (Website, Instagram): Indulging our sweet tooth, we celebrated the delectable treats from Sweet Cawenzo, a Black-owned bakery in L.A. County known for its mouthwatering desserts, including cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. Each creation is made with love and passion, adding a touch of sweetness to life's special moments.

Crowns & Hops (Website, Instagram): We raised a glass to Crowns & Hops, a Black-owned craft brewery in L.A. County that is redefining the craft beer scene. With a focus on community engagement and promoting diversity in the industry, Crowns & Hops offers a unique selection of craft beers that celebrate culture and creativity.

Ron Finley (Website, Instagram): Exploring the world of urban gardening and sustainable living with Ron Finley, the "Gangsta Gardener" of L.A. County. As a Black-owned business, Ron Finley's mission is to inspire and empower individuals to grow their own food and transform neglected spaces into thriving gardens.

4 Hearts Studios (Website, Instagram): Lastly, we stepped into the world of filmmaking and creative expression with 4 Hearts Studios, a Black-owned film studio in Sylmar, CA. Co-owned by the talented husband-wife duo, Kevin and Ci Ci Foster, 4 Hearts Studios provides affordable film location standing sets for film students and indie filmmakers, empowering creatives with resources to bring their vision to life.

Throughout this first week of Black Business Month, we came together to support and uplift these incredible Black-owned businesses in L.A. County and beyond. Their dedication, creativity, and contributions to their communities are an inspiration to us all. We joined in celebrating their success and fostering diversity and growth in the business world. As we continue to embrace the artistry and excellence of Black-owned businesses throughout the month, let's remember the importance of supporting and promoting Black entrepreneurship, not just in August but all year round.

Stay tuned for more highlights and spotlights on other outstanding Black-owned businesses as we continue to celebrate Black Business Month! 🌟🎉 #BlackBusinessMonth #SupportBlackOwned #MelanIndex

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