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Image by Aniston Grace



Dirty Girl Organic Landcare 

Our talented team will work to bring your landscape to life. Our crews are experienced in laying a variety of hardscapes, woodworking and building raised beds, sourcing and installing high-quality plant material, implementing a water-wise irrigation system, and more

(310) 717-5277


Organic Harvest Gardens

We, at Organic Harvest Gardens are zealous and dedicated in assisting you in your desire to live a greener lifestyle. We make it our priority to hold every client in high esteem, from the smallest to the largest. It is our goal to design, build and maintain the garden that you deserve, from hand crafted garden beds to the very best nutritional and flavor packed veggies you could never purchase from the grocery store. 

120 E. Forhan St. Long Beach, CA 90805


Hendricks BHB Iron Works​

We have over 10 years of highly skilled experience with wrought iron fencing, gates, railings, security doors, and ac / generator cages. Hendricks BHB is built on detailed workmanship, fair estimates, superior quality, and professional dedication to each project. 

(562) 774-0558

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