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Going for a Walk

Dog Walking Services


Fetch! Pet Care

Your dog needs daily exercise, but fitting a couple of thirty-minute walks into your daily schedule isn’t always easy. For the times when life is a little too chaotic to head home on your lunch break or walk around the neighborhood in between work and dinner, we can help. We’ll make sure your dog gets to take their daily stroll so they can bark at all the local squirrels, smell all of the bushes, and, yes, even visit all the hydrants. We’ll even take photos along the way so you never miss a moment.

(866) 338-2463



Radiant Dogs

Our Pack Walks provide the simulation to satisfy any active dog’s needs and wants. This structured-based activity gives dogs an outlet to return to nature and the essence of being a dog, All while receiving proper guidance and structure from real dog trainers. Pack walks are designed to provide adequate mental & physical stimulation; It is not to burn out a dog but to leave each dog feeling fulfilled for the day.

(310) 883-4744

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