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Salmon Tartare



Chef Daniella

Chef Daniella and her team will provide you with customized farm-to-table meals in the comfort of your home or office. She buys ingredients from the best small producers and make meals especially to suit your likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements. The Dine in with Daniella culinary mission is to curate world class meals that leave you with a phenomenal experience like none other!


Culinary Love By Chef Ameera​

Whether it is simple, single serving bites or multi-course gourmet fare, Chef Ameera is sure to give her clients more than they ever expected to gain from food. As the Food Alchemist, Chef Ameera has mastered the art of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary experiences. Chef Ameera is known for her clever infusions of West Coast staples with spices from around the globe.


Color Me Creole​

Alanna Fredieu-Porche curates + sources local  ingredients, transforming classic southern recipes into organic, flavorful masterpieces that are powered by the best ingredients in the world. Chef has studied + improved recipes for dozens of years to curate a one-of-a-kind, upscale soul food experience that emphasizes innovative preparation and unique flavors.


Urban Comfort Foods


Our full-service catering division that serves everything from business meeting catering through black-tie wedding events and anything in-between. Our staff are attentive and friendly and our food is always fresh and delicious.


Castle's Southern & Creole Catering​

The goals of Castle's Catering are to provide clients with effective and efficient service and a memorable experience with every experience big and small. We specialize in Southern and Creole cuisine, but have experienced chefs in variety of types of cuisine including but not limited to Vegan, American, Italian, French, Asian, and Mexican cuisines.  The flavors of Castle's Catering are bold, unique, and always leave a lasting memory on the taste buds.


Yes Chef Corp​

Here at Yes Chef Corp. we specialize in Southern American cuisine but thanks to years of experience, our chef is able and willing to execute any cuisine you desire for your event. Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, you name it and we’ve done it from events as big as 1,000+ guests and as small as 2, we have delivered an unforgettable experience through food and service to clients across Los Angeles County.


Taco Mell

Full Service and Self Serve Taco Catering


Ooh La La Catering​

At Ooh La La Catering we want to be a part of your special memory and leave a lasting impression on you and all of those in attendance on your beautiful day. We are a full service catering company that can provide all that you need for your wedding. We also work closely with the couple to come up with a menu that is creative and fun while packing lots of flavor and love.


Plate of Hue

Plate Of Hue is a plant-based catering that caters special events, retreats, conferences, and other experiences. We strive to create experiences that take you back to your best times in life, in the spaces and around all the folks that make you feel warm and embraced.


Who's Hungry Caribbean ​

Who's Hungry Caribbean & Catering uses quality foods to provide amazing appetizers, main courses, and deserts to make your guest food experience unforgettable. Our catering staff are highly trained professionals that are here to provide you with the best service.


The Mo Rock'in Chef 

My passion is to create food for everyone. All Dietary Restrictions are welcomed and appreciated. EVERYONE deserves to have a meal that is flavorful and most importantly safe. ​I am committed to executing top quality meals using the freshest ingredients to make your taste buds exceed the highest expectation. LETS ROCK!

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